Automatic system for
temperature screening and

Continuous human
temperature monitoring

IR-SyM® TS is a complete solution for continuous multi-subjects body temperature analysis.

It is fully manageable remotely from tablets and clients, ensuring operator security. It can be integrated with alert and access systems, making safer the access to productive and sensible areas.

Esempio di funzionamento
Analysis in less<br> than half a second
Analysis in less
than half a second
Auto configuration<br> of reference temperature
Auto configuration
of reference temperature
Remote management also<br> via WiFi tablet
Remote management also
via WiFi tablet
FLIR<sup>®</sup> Unit

Top in performance and reliability

Based on the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and on the proven quality of FLIR® termographic sensors, IR-SyM® TS is the best solution on the market for precision and reliability.

Using an advanced face-detection engine the system is able to process the information in less than half second identifying and reporting anomalous faces temperatures. The alerts can be sent to a wide set of notification systems. The system is also equipped with a LiDAR sensor which allows a continuous improvement in accuracy and performances.

Example of use in the passenger transit area
– Example of use in the passenger transit area

Accurate, fast, safe

Speed and precision are needed to ensure safety in high-traffic areas.
IR-SyM® TS is the best solution in this important task.

Automatic coloring of areas with temperature over threshold
– Automatic coloring of areas with temperature over threshold

With the analysis of body temperature in an extremely reduced time compared to traditional solutions (less than half a second), the system is able to perform an immediate pre-screening on multiple subjects, also ensuring complete safety for operators who can carry out the analysis even from remote environments.

Control beyond analysis

What makes IR-SyM® TS the most complete solution for body temperature comparison is its innate DNA as an integrated system.

Feature that allows it to go beyond just thermographic analysis. IR-SyM® TS combines an advanced AI system and a top-level hardware set with an I/O unit able to integrate with existing control systems. For example, it can be interfaced to report an above average body temperature through audible or visual alarms and manage complete control of the opening / closing of gates or access to specific areas.

IR-SyM® TS Components

  • AI Process Unit (Linux based) compatible with FLIR® cameras
  • IR-SyM® software for monitoring and alarms
  • Sensor module with LiDAR scanner for measuring the distance between subjects
  • I/O module (optional) for connection with access systems, alarms, ...

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Where you can use it

IR-SyM® TS is designed to monitor individual body temperature
and to manage alarms and access in areas with flows of people in transit such as:

Main Features

  • Simultaneous measurement on multiple subjects
  • Automatic highlighting of temperatures over threshold
  • Compatible with tablet via WiFi connection
  • Remote configuration and management from control room in the same network


IR-SyM® TS is used at:

  • Noman Foods group (Findus factory in Italy and Birs Eye factory in UK)
  • Lukoil group - (ISAB srl factories in Italy)
  • ENI & Q8 group - (Refinery of Milazzo in Italy)
  • Messina harbor authority - (Cruise terminal)

Installation Example


Technical specifications

Processing Unit

Processing Unit

  • Intel i7 processor (10th generation)
  • RAM min 16 GB
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connection
  • Integrated WiFi HotSpot for use with PDAs
  • On-board artificial intelligence for automatic face recognition and management of correct measuring points
  • Reliable communication system based on IR-SyM® core
FLIR<sup>®</sup> A400/A700 Unit

FLIR® A400/A700 Unit

  • IR Resolution 320x240 (A400) or 640x480 (A700)
  • Visual resolution 1280 x 960
  • Thermal resolution from <0,03K to <0,05K depending on the lens
  • Certified calibration
Compatible with various FLIR® A series cameras. Contact us to check compatibility.
Sensor Module

Sensor Module

  • Sensitivity: from 1 to 7 meters
  • Coverage angle 2.3°
  • Accuracy 2%
  • Wavelength 850 nm


  • Customizable dry-contact
  • Can be integrated with entry management systems or badge reading
  • Separate management of control areas

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